#RealWorld is back for 2022

United Way of Central Kansas first brought Reality U to Great Bend in 2016. The success of that program inspired UWCK to take it one step further, with the hopes of imparting a little more “reality” on our students before they head out on their own. That inspiration led UWCK to create #RealWorld for High School Seniors.

This is the second year for this program, and it is growing in size and in the knowledge that will be imparted. Last year, the program was held in the High School Auditorium for Great Bend seniors with five sessions of life skills.

This year, UWCK is partnering with Barton Community College to include more schools across Central Kansas. “Barton Community College staff have been instrumental in planning and organizing this program. The insights from Tana Cooper, Director of Admissions, and Karly Little, Coordinator of Community Education has helped us to coordinate multiple groups in a way that we anticipate will be smooth for all involved.” Charell Owings, UWCK Executive Director.

Invitations were extended to Central Plains, Ellinwood, Great Bend, Hoisington, Larned, Otis-Bison, and Pawnee Heights. More than 150 students will be attending the eight sessions planned for the day.

The sessions include:

  • Money Knowledge-Sunflower Bank will talk about budgeting, basic banking information, loans, and credit cards.
  • Renting 101-MPIRE Realty will discuss tenant rights, how to be a good tenant and roommate, apartment hunting, and setting up utilities.
  • Vehicle Basics-Marmie Auto Group will present basic car maintenance and upkeep. For example, checking oil level and tire pressure and how to jump start your car.
  • Getting a Job-Tips for interviewing, resumes, and resume building.
  • Do the Crime, Do the Time-Katie Hales with the Barton County Department of Corrections will talk about how criminal activities affect their future and the punishments that come with those crimes.
  • Finding Balance-Alisha Markley and Shanna Long with the Center for Counseling will talk about balancing work, school, family, and friends.
  • Healthy Relationships-The Family Crisis Center will have a discussion about stalking, manipulation, and how to be a part of a respectful relationship.
  • Barton Community College will talk to the students about getting involved and where to find the resources they need when they head out on their own.

“This is a true community collaboration. The partnership with Barton Community College on this program has been a great way to help us reach more students. The counselors and principals who see the importance of this program and gave us great feedback on the topics that they felt were important to discuss. The speakers are engaging and bring personal and professional knowledge to the topics they are discussing. It takes a group of engaged individuals to put on something like this, and we are grateful that so many people are stepping in to make this happen.” Charell Owings, UWCK Executive Director.